155th Annual International Exhibition

The 155th International Exhibition of the American Watercolor Society will be held April 11 – 30, 2022 at the Salmagundi Club in NYC.  The accepted artists are listed below. Thank you to all who submitted!

Hyperlinks to the images are being added- thank you for your patience.

Audrey Montgomery

Lily Nan

Barbara Nechis, AWS

Robert O’Brien, AWS

Carla O’Connor, AWS, D. F.

Francoise Olivier

Catherine O’Neill, AWS

John Jude Palencar

Apidej Phatthanasutthinon

Sue Pink, AWS

George Politis, AWS

Lana Privitera

Lawrence Raffanti

Michael Ridge

Hannie Rieuwerts

Janet Rogers, AWS

Irena Roman, AWS

John Salminen, AWS, D.F.

Judy Saltzman*

Tim Saternow, AWS

Vito-Leonardo Scarola

Thomas Schaller, AWS

Michael Scherfen, AWS

Jose Sebourne

Fan Ching Shih

Jerry Smith, AWS, D. F.

Richard Russell Sneary, AWS

Frank Spino*

David Stickel

Michael Thoreson

Zhou Tianya, AWS

Phyllis Tseng

James Turner*

Bill Vrscak, AWS

Lorraine Watry

Frank Webb, AWS, D.F., L.M

Tai Wei, AWS

Catherine Welner

Pam Wenger

Voon Wong

Jianzhong Wu

Jian Wu*

Keiko Yasuoka, AWS

Steve Zazenski, AWS

Joseph Zbukvic, AWS

Xiaochang Zhang

Yi Zhang

*Became a Signature Member this year