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First ONE Hundred Years Members

This list of Signature Members* from the first hundred years of AWS is based on information presented in "History of the American Watercolor Society, the First 100 Years" by Ralph Fabri. The book was written in celebration of the Society's 100th Anniversary in 1966.

We are aware that the list may contain some inaccuracies. Terminal dates of membership are largely dates of death which can easily be off by a year. They are recorded in the Annual Catalog, published to coincide with the Annual Exhibition each spring. If a member died after publication, it would be recorded in the following year's catalog. To avoid further delay, we concurred that users in search of specific artists who discover an error will surely contact us, and we encourage you to do so. This reference material is a work in progress, and it is our goal to eventually have it current. It can never be complete as it is as alive as the Society itself. We hope to initiate other research sources; unfortunately, they will not be able to reach so far into our history.

We extend our thanks and appreciation to all who gave countless hours to this project.

Janet Walsh, President Emeritus

*Signature Members were referred to as "Active" until recently. Today, membership categories are Signature Member, one who has earned membership through competition in the Annual Exhibitions, and Sustaining Associate Member, a membership open to any and all who wish to be supportive of the Society and the art of watercolor painting. The Society holds each in high regard and actively pursues growth and development in both categories.

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First Middle Last Honors From Until
John La Farge N.A. 1868 1910
Robert H. Laessig D.F. 1961 1990
Eric A. Lakes 1954 1958
F. M. Lamb 1919 1942
Mary B. Lane 1942 1946
Bent Franklin Larsen L.M. 1942 1970
Karl Larsson 1942 1948
Frank J. Lathrop 1871 1909
William L. Lathrop N.A. 1897 1938
Henri Laussucq 1939 1960
John Lavalle 1948 1971
Robert Lavin 1959 1997
Charles Le Clair 1959 1967
Fred Leach D.F., L.M. 1966 2006
John Lear 1955 1962
Mong Q. Lee 1957 1960
Ruth Hudson Lee 1942 1960
Hilton Leech L.M. 1933 1969
Thelma Lehmann 1955 1967
William Robinson Leigh 1917 1948
Harry Leith-Ross L.M. 1940 1973
Samuel Leitman 1962 1981
Jack A. Leonard 1961 1980
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze N.A. 1867 1868
James Lewicki 1947 1976
Cyril A. Lewis L.M. 1951 1994
Martin Lewis 1926 1960
Manes Lichtenberg 1953 Current
Arthur Lidov 1960 1967
Arne Lindmark D.F. 1967 1999
Gaell Lindstrom 1958 1961
Violetta Prentiss Lingan na na
James W. Link 1954 1983
William James Linton 1868 1899
William H. Lippincott N.A. 1884 1920
Luis Llorente H.M. 1967 1987
Georg Lober N.A. H.M. 1947 1961
Maurice George Logan 1954 1977
Willis R. Lohse 1951 1968
Sanford Low 1942 1946
C. A. Luce 1959 1963
Charles E. Luffman 1950 1987
Arthur Lumley 1867 1874
Lawrence Lustig L.M. 1951 Current
Dan Lutz 1943 1979
John F. Lynch L.M. 1942 1996
Legend of Honors for First One Hundred Years Members Listing
Dolphin Fellow D.F.
Dolphin Medalist D.M.
Honorary Member H.M.
Honorary President H.P.
Honorary Vice President H.V.P.
Life Member L.M.
President, AWS P.A.W.S.
President Emeritus P.E.
Associate Nat'l Academician A.N.A.
National Academician N.A.
President National Academy P.N.A.

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