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Signature Membership

How to Become a Signature Member

Any artist who has exhibited in 2 previous AWS Annuals may be considered for membership. Write for details to:

AWS Signature Candidates Chair
47 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003



Click on a letter below to access the alphabetical member list:

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First Middle Last Honors email / website
Anne Bagby
Mike Bailey
Linda Baker
Angela A. Barbalace
Leslie Rhae Barber
David Bareford
Sabine M. Barnard
Carole D. Barnes
Robert L. Barnum
Cindy Baron
Sean Barrett
Ann Barron
Izzie Barth
Robert C. Baxter
Mary Todd Beam DF
Marnie Becker
Mary Ann Beckwith
Henry B. Bell
Anna Bellenger
John Bennett
Nancy Bercow
Edith H. Bergstrom
Carole Berren
Mae Bertoni
Judi Betts
Frederick Bidigare
John C. Bierly
Ron Bigony
Selma F. Blackburn
Mary Blackey
Joseph Bohler
Denny Bond
Marlene A. Boonstra
William Borden
Elaine Bowers
Cindy Brabec-King
William A. Bracken
Angela Bradburn
James D. Brantley
Frederic S. Briggs
Charlotte Britton
Virginia W. Brooks
Malcolm M. Brown
Peggy Brown
Chica Brunsvold
Peggy M. Bryan
Richard J. Brzozowski D.F., L.M.
Lisa C. Budd
Barbara K. Buer
Will Bullas
Dan Burt DF
Karen Butler
Borys Buzkij
Nel Dorn Byrd

Legend of Honors for Signature Members

American Watercolor Society Signature Member AWS
Dolphin Fellow DF
Dolphin Medalist DM

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