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Signature Membership

How to Become a Signature Member

Any artist who has exhibited in 2 previous AWS Annuals may be considered for membership. Write for details to:

AWS Signature Candidates Chair
47 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003



Click on a letter below to access the alphabetical member list:

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First Middle Last Honors email / website
Toshiko Ukon
Tony van Hasselt
Donald Van Horn
Josephine Vargas
Oscar Velasquez DF
Andrea Vincent
William M. Vrscak
Myrna Wacknov
Robert A. Wade
Betty K. Walker
Carrie Waller
Charles H. Wallis
Janet B. Walsh DF
Soon Y. Warren
Donna Watson
Howard N. Watson
Ben Watson III
Kitty Waybright
Frank Webb DF
Gale Webb
June Pierpont Webster
Tei Wei
Susan Weintraub D.F.
Carol Weiss
Guan Weixing
Frances Wells
Dee Wescott
E Gordon West
Stewart White
Eric Wiegardt DF
John Wilkison
H. Dean Willis
Douglas Wiltraut
Bernyce A. Winick
Sue Wise DF, LM
James Wisnowski
Donna Jill Witty
Nancy S. Worth
William C. Wright
Wen-Yau Wu
Jamie Wyeth
Alan Wylie DF
Lynne Yancha DF
Keiko Yasuoka
Marvin Yates
Sarah Yeoman
Russell Yerkes
Barbara Yoerg
Susan Young
Donna L. Zagotta
Peggy Flora Zalucha
Steve Zazenski
Joseph Zbukvic
Xiaogang Zhu
Dolores Ann Ziegler Schilling
Ann Zielinski
Scott Zupanc

Legend of Honors for Signature Members

American Watercolor Society Signature Member AWS
Dolphin Fellow DF
Dolphin Medalist DM

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