AWS Watercolor Evenings are a highlight of each International Exhibition. Typically  held in the Salmagundi Club’s Upper  Gallery,  each event consists of a live presentation by an AWS Signature member.  In 2020, all such presentations were cancelled due to Covid-19, and the 2021 demonstration was on Zoom due to the lingering constraints of the pandemic. The 2022 presentation was both live and online, a hybrid which has continued for 2023.

2023 “Reflections on Urban Landscapes” with John Salminen, AWS, DF. View here.

2022 “Watercolor from Within” with Barbara Nechis, AWS. View here.

2021 “Creating Drama”  with Tim Saternow, AWS. View here

2019 “Finding Beauty in Places Often Overlooked” with James Maria, AWS. View here.

2018 Evening I “In a Fog – Capturing the Elusive Feeling of Misty Weather” with Joel Popadics, AWS. View here. 

2018 Evening II “Loosen Up! – Breaking Away from Seeing and Painting Too Many Details” with Andy Evansen, AWS. View here.

Tim Saternow Demonstration April 2021