One of the primary purposes of The American Watercolor Society is to foster the appreciation of watercolor media. Such appreciation can be greatly enhanced by the actual experience of painting with watercolor. Because of this, AWS has established two scholarships to increase the education and practice of watercolor.

The first, the AWS Art Instructor Scholarship Program gives art teachers with little or no experience with watercolor the opportunity to gain such experience. The second, the Art Students League Scholarship, provides $1000 to a student studying watercolor at the historic Art Students League.

The League Scholarship is given once a year, and recipient selection is decided by the League. The Art Instructor Scholarship Program, however, can be applied for at any time by eligible persons, as below.

Work Eligibility: Must be an art teacher currently working at a middle school, secondary school or college level institution in the United States. Previous recipients of an AWS Art Instructor Scholarship may re-apply for another scholarship after a period of three years.

Scholarship Criteria: AWS will fund the cost of tuition and materials for attending an instruction period in watercolor painting of at least five days but not more than 6 months in duration. The tuition stipend (up to $1000) is paid directly to the sponsoring organization conducting the instruction. AWS will provide “start-up” package of watercolor materials to the recipient.

Application Procedures: The application form is to be sent at least three months in advance of the start date of the instruction to:

Robert O’Brien
AWS Scholarship Program
2811 Weathersfield Center Road
Perkinsville, VT 05151

Click Here to Download PDF Application Form

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